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The Monivent Neo Study is being carried out in public hospitals and will include 60 health workers (clinicians and nurses) who are actively involved in providing perinatal care services in the hospital. The health workers should be trained in Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) prior to the study. This is a simulation-based study and entails a measuring and monitoring equipment to be used in combination with existing manual ventilation devices (3kg NeoNatalie). The airflow is measured directly in the face mask using a sensor module integrated in the face mask. The sensor module uses a differential pressure sensor to measure the pressure drop over a membrane placed in the face masks upper tube to receive the airflow. Flow and pressure measurements are used to calculate number of ventilation parameters. Written Informed Consent is taken prior to the session.

The participants, in randomized order start ventilating with the monitor display hidden or visible when conducting the two ventilation sessions. An Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is used to evaluate the ventilation skills of the participant (only during visible session). Participants are subjected to fill Confidence Rating Scale Form after both sessions.

The device will provide continuous and real-time feedback to the health workers on newborn resuscitation performance. This will improve the impact of ventilation to the babies in need of bag and mask. If successful, the device will be incorporated in the neonatal resuscitation trainings to hone the health worker’s ventilation skills and boost up their confidence in carrying out resuscitation on babies.